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By , March 16, 2012 9:07 am

I’ve been using Inzolo for 3 years now and recently some balances got out of balance. You should often check to verify that your envelope accounts total matches your bank accounts total. To see this, scroll down to the bottom of your envelope list on the budget screen. If you have any unassigned transactions, verify that “Account Total” from envelopes matches “Accounts Total” from bank accounts. If you don’t have any unassigned transactions, make sure “Envelope Total” matches “Accounts Total”.

Unfortunately I don’t know how things got out of sync. I’m still testing and looking for the root cause. If anyone notices anything similar and you can reproduce it, please let me know!

In the meantime I had the task of getting things back in order. In the process I found things could be made simpler when trying to track these things down so I made a few updates that should help if you find yourself in the same situation.

First of all, in the reports section I’ve added a new report called “Envelope Audit”.

This tool will show the balance currently set for the envelope, what the envelope amount would be if you total all the transaction amounts that are assigned to that envelope, and the difference between the two. If you are a strict budgeteer, the difference between the two should be zero.

I found a few of them where off, so I manually edited the envelope balances to match the transactions balances. I had to pull a couple of envelopes out of the archive to update them.

Another update I made that was suggested on the Feature Vote system was to retain searches and filters when jumping from envelope to envelope. So if I click on an envelope, then change the filter to view all transactions, then click on another envelope, I would still have the filter set to view all transactions.

Once I got all my envelope balances in sync, I found a large discrepancy in my unallocated income folder. This is not really a big deal, but I wanted to fix it as well. I had to make a few hacks in the system to make this work.

First I tried adding a transaction with no bank account assigned. I found a bug where this transaction ended up in no man’s land because it it didn’t have a bank account or an envelope – the two ways a transaction is associated with a user. So I updated the system to assign transactions to the Unallocated Income box if you don’t select an account. Note that if I choose to undo this transaction, it goes out to no man’s land again. Basically just consider it a way to delete these hack transactions.

So after I added my hack transaction to get my unallocated income balance to sync, I now needed that unallocated income balance to equal zero again. So I added one more feature to allow you to manually set the Unallocated Income folder balance. To do this, click on the edit envelope button and you will be prompted to enter a balance amount to set.

I understand I’m airing dirty laundry here and it may feel dirty to make make manual modifications. Technically the system should be solid enough that things don’t get out of sync. But until I’m a perfect programmer, if you find yourself in an out of sync mode, hopefully these new tools will give you the ability to set things straight.

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  1. Sydney says:

    I continued to have problems with my envelope balances not matching my account balance and neither matching my actual account balance. I found it incredibly tedious to try to fix this because I cannot reconcile my transactions. For example, the first time I tried to fix it, I did not account for a check that was in Inzolo but that had not cleared my bank yet. Thus, when it did clear, my account balances were screwed up again and I had to fix it again. I too was struggling with the lack of ability to add transactions on my phone and finally gave up and switched to YNAB. I really wanted something with online access so both my husband and I could share it but I couldn’t live with a program that couldn’t keep my numbers straight and made me work harder for it than if I had just used paper and pencil.

  2. Trevor says:

    I too found that my “envelope total” and “accounts total” didn’t match. In my case it turned out to be related to archived envelopes. I had marked one envelope and archived that and made the totals not match. Restoring the envelope from the archive seemed to fix the problem.

    I’d still like to be able to archive envelopes without stuff getting out of sync, but for now not archiving anything is a decent workaround.

    • Trevor says:

      Sorry, meant to say “Account Total” from envelopes didn’t match “Accounts Total”, as discussed in the article.

    • Trevor says:

      Sorry, meant to say “Account Total” from envelopes didn’t match “Accounts Total”, as discussed in the article.

  3. Trent says:

    I get this issue whenever I use the auto assign transactions.

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