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Bug Fixes & Updates

By , September 16, 2009 6:17 am

I noticed a bug that when you enter a manual transaction and notice that you associated it with the wrong account, then edit that transaction the account balances in each account were not being reflected. I’ve fixed this issue.

Also, I made it possible to enter the allocation screen even if your unallocated income box is zero. My initial thoughts were if you had no money to allocate then you would have no reason to go there, but the allocation screen has become useful for more than just allocating income. You can use it to quickly modify goal amounts, see how much you’ve funded for a given month compared to your goal and update allocation plans.

As an example, I have a Jungle Disk account. I love it. I pay a small monthly fee and I have a reliable online back-up system plus access to all my files from any of my 5 computers with various operating systems. Slowly the monthly cost goes up depending on how much storage I use. So I wanted to modify my monthly goal and my allocation plan. Rather than waiting for my next income to update it, I can be pro-active and make the changes as soon as I notice them.

Allocate by Percentage

By , August 14, 2009 3:58 pm

I’ve made a number of bug fixes and updates, but the most notable I’ll mention is the ability to allocate a percentage of your available allocation money. By entered a number followed by the percent sign (%), it will calculate the percentage automatically.

Here’s a short video of the update in action:

OFX Support Updates

By , August 11, 2009 1:38 pm

I have had a few reports of people not being able to connect to their bank via OFX. It was difficult to diagnose because I have two different banks that are working fine. But I did manage to tweak a few items that I hope will resolve issues for other banks. If you know your bank supports OFX and have had problems connecting to it with Inzolo, please try again. At the very least you may get a more informative error message if you still can’t connect.

Pricing Model Update

By , August 10, 2009 2:30 pm

I’ve been thinking about the pricing model.  My wife said $7.23 per month is a stupid price. Yeah, OK, it was a pie in the sky type of number (7 was my high school football and baseball number, 23 was my basketball number). So I decided to get real and make a better pricing model.

So, the new monthly cost is $4.95 per month. I know you could easily spend that eating out at lunch one day so it should be quite manageable.

There is a new option now as well. You may sign up for a yearly subscription for $34.95 per month. I’m sure you can create an envelope to drop in $2.92 per month. For me, that is only $1.46 per paycheck. I’m a cheapskate and I would definitely pay that price. I was putting away $13.20 per month to pay for another envelope budgeting system for 3 years, that’s a big reason why I wrote my own tool in the first place.

So I hope you like the new pricing model. I’m always open to feedback so feel free to drop me a line!

Account Balances & Totals

By , August 7, 2009 2:18 pm

I’ve added bank account balances and totals (if there is more than one account) below envelope totals. This well help you get an idea if everything is synced correctly. Once you have assigned all unassigned transactions, your envelopes & unallocated income total (labeled "Account Total") should match your bank accounts total.


Note that bank balances are a new feature as of yesterday, so for those with existing accounts, if you have done anything at all I can almost guarantee your bank account balances will not be right. You will need to manually set your current balance. To do this, get the current balance from you bank and edit your bank account by doing the following:

  1. Click the Bank Accounts button.
  2. Click the edit icon on a bank account to edit.
  3. Enter your current balance and click Save.

Quick Update!

Rather than write another blog post I’ll just add to this one. I’ve added an Unassigned total to get a better picture of whether your transactions and envelope balances match your bank accounts. See the screenshot:


Manage Bank Accounts

By , August 6, 2009 2:39 pm

I’ve added some new features today – mostly dealing with bank accounts. There is now a new view to add, edit and remove bank accounts. On the budget screen you may notice a new button:


This will take you to the new bank accounts view. Here you can manage the bank accounts you have added to your account:

Also, when adding a new bank account you will be asked for a opening balance and the date of that opening balance. This date is mostly applicable to the automatic import accounts as Inzolo will now only retrieve transactions back to that date.

I’ve added some functionality to keep track of the bank account balance as well, but it is not fully tested and I think there might be some issues with it still so stay tuned for an update on this.

Big OOPS! – Fixed

By , August 6, 2009 8:55 am

I’m in the process of adding functionality to edit and delete bank accounts. I found there were going to be some issues with deleting bank accounts as they are tied to transactions. To make a long story short, I made a bad assumption that every transaction was associated with a bank account. That is not the case. Transactions are created for allocation and transferring between envelopes. I made a mistake and deleted all transactions on the server that were not associated with a bank account. What this means is when you click on an envelope or category, you will not see any allocation history!

Unfortunately, I did this quickly without thinking and there is no way for me to restore this. All I can do is apologize and promise to be more careful in the future. Sorry!

UPDATE: So thankfully I have an awesome web hosts that backs up my system automatically every day and keeps the past 10 days worth of back-ups on hand. I was able to restore that which I so stupidly deleted. I suppose there could be a few transactions that were missed between the back-up time and my blunder, but I think that damage has been greatly minimized – if not altogether resolved. Again, sorry about the ordeal.

Allocating and Tranfering Funds

By , July 22, 2009 10:45 pm

There was a problem with Inzolo that I let slide during development and an Inzolo user, Craig M. was helpful to point out that it was more serious than I thought. The problem was that when you allocated or transferred funds, a transaction record was only created in the envelope you were allocating or tranferring to and not in the envelope where the funds came from. At first I didn’t think it was a big deal and logged in on my to do this to get to at some point, but since I implemented the envelope summaries his threw off the calculations.

I’m happy to report that I’ve fixed this problem. With the fix I had to rework the undo feature for these type of transactions. Overall the solution should be much better now.

Pricing Model Now In Place

By , July 20, 2009 6:08 am

I’ve uploaded a number updates to Inzolo this morning. Here are the most notable:

  • A payment plan is finally in place. You can see the plan options on the pricing page. Basically there is a "free forever" type plan that will display advertisements, limit data history, limit SSL security, and disables automatic transaction downloads. These are really the only 4 limitations. To remove these limitations the monthly membership price is $7.23.
  • Code has been put in place to implement the pro versus free plans. Well, most of the code. Obviously I have some time to implement the 3 months of data history limitation.
  • The payment method to become a pro member is not yet implemented. Yes, this may seem like a problem, but it shouldn’t be. I wanted to push these updates live so I could finish the PayPal integration easier. The reason it shouldn’t be a problem is because every new member will have a 90 day budget pro trial, so they won’t even see the option to upgrade yet. Current members are also given a 90 day trial based on their joined date, but I may increase this soon and send out and email to let everyone know.
  • I noticed an attempt to retrieve a lost password. I forgot that I hadn’t yet implemented this feature. It is now working.
  • Small bug fix for OFX imports (users would likely have only seen this bug if they have two Inzolo account retrieving transactions from the same bank account)
  • Updated the budget meeting report with a better layout and modified the printing style sheet to remove the header menu on print

Thanks everyone for your support. Once I get these business related items completed I will be focusing more on a number of improvements and features updates.

Envelope Notes

By , July 16, 2009 6:35 am

I found that I my wife and I review the budget, it is helpful to have notes associated with envelopes. So I’ve added this feature to Inzolo to add simple notes to envelopes. Check out this quick video tip:

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