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Account Balances & Totals

By , August 7, 2009 2:18 pm

I’ve added bank account balances and totals (if there is more than one account) below envelope totals. This well help you get an idea if everything is synced correctly. Once you have assigned all unassigned transactions, your envelopes & unallocated income total (labeled "Account Total") should match your bank accounts total.


Note that bank balances are a new feature as of yesterday, so for those with existing accounts, if you have done anything at all I can almost guarantee your bank account balances will not be right. You will need to manually set your current balance. To do this, get the current balance from you bank and edit your bank account by doing the following:

  1. Click the Bank Accounts button.
  2. Click the edit icon on a bank account to edit.
  3. Enter your current balance and click Save.

Quick Update!

Rather than write another blog post I’ll just add to this one. I’ve added an Unassigned total to get a better picture of whether your transactions and envelope balances match your bank accounts. See the screenshot:


Manage Bank Accounts

By , August 6, 2009 2:39 pm

I’ve added some new features today – mostly dealing with bank accounts. There is now a new view to add, edit and remove bank accounts. On the budget screen you may notice a new button:


This will take you to the new bank accounts view. Here you can manage the bank accounts you have added to your account:

Also, when adding a new bank account you will be asked for a opening balance and the date of that opening balance. This date is mostly applicable to the automatic import accounts as Inzolo will now only retrieve transactions back to that date.

I’ve added some functionality to keep track of the bank account balance as well, but it is not fully tested and I think there might be some issues with it still so stay tuned for an update on this.

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