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A Word About Browsers

By , March 30, 2011 2:48 pm

Recently I added support for Google Chrome Frame. It has brought up a few questions from some users. Why did I do this? Let me explain.

The most bug reports I get come from people using Internet Explorer (IE). IE is notorious for having problems. Not only is it more prone to allowing a virus on your computer, but it doesn’t support web standards properly, which is the real issue.

The one advantage of IE is the ability to support Active X controls. This allows you to use plugins that can extend the usefulness of your browser. I used used to work for a company where we made a web based document management solution where you could connect to your scanner, scan files and view the scanned tiff files all within IE. But the problem is, it is this support for Active X that opens the doors for malicious viruses.

A while back I was thinking about this and realized that if IE allows you to plug in Active X controls and essentially run other programs within the browser, why not try to run a better browser inside of IE.

Fortunately I wasn’t the first person to think of this. Someone at Google did, and that is where Google Chrome Frame comes in. If you install Google Chrome Frame, Inzolo will act as if you are using Google Chrome. You will have less issues, better rending, faster performance, and an overall better experience. If you don’t have Chrome Frame install, you will see Inzolo as you normally would in IE.

There is a JavaScript snippet included in Inzolo that will detect if you are using IE. If you are, it will prompt you to install Google Chrome Frame. You can choose to close the pop-up if you don’t want it, but I recommend either installing it, or using one of these more modern browsers:

I know that Microsoft is doing a lot of work on IE9 to improve things and address all the web developer’s complaints. But so far it is still lacking support from what I have tested.

And now, for a little fun.

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