Take control of your finances!

Stop wondering where your money went. Instead, tell it where to GO! Get out of debt and stay out of debt with this super simple budgeting application based on the time-tested envelope method.

  • 1

    Budget Anywhere

    You just need a web browser or a web-enabled phone to view your envelope balances.

  • 2

    Extinguish Debt

    Stop the vicious cycle of letting credit cards pick up your slack. Spend less than you make.

  • 3

    Connect to Your Bank

    Import automatically using OFX Direct Connect or import OFX/QIF transaction files. (Supported Banks)

  • 4

    Improve Relationships

    Get on the same page as your spouse. Come together to finally win with money.

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  • Main Budget Screen
  • Income Allocation
  • Dashboard
  • Split Transaction
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  • What is our web app?

    What is Inzolo?

    Inzolo is a virtual envelope-based budgeting system. It helps you plan where you will spend your money before you actually spend it. It then helps you course correct as go along.

  • How does our app work?

    How does Inzolo work?

    Get paid. Allocate your money to virtual envelope categories. Deduct from envelope categories as you spend. Roll with the punches. Plan for upcoming expenses & rainy days. Live peacefully.

  • Why do you need it?

    Why do you need it?

    Stop living paycheck to paycheck. Stop depending on revolving debt. Plan better for upcoming expenses. Stop fighting with your spouse over money. Get peace of mind concerning your finances.