I credit my stable financial situation to Inzolo and I'm so grateful that you've created this fantastic product. I switched to Inzolo a couple of years ago from Mvelopes and found it to be a much better product. — Abraham LaVoi; Saint Charles, MO
I'm new to Inzolo and it's AWESOME! I say that only after spending hours of exhaustive research looking into and trying out other options and finding Inzolo to be the best envelope budgeting system online for me. ... Thanks again for such a great service! Here's hoping you don't get bought out for millions of dollars by an enormous company who might ruin the fantastic and personable thing you have going here!!! — Matt Meisenhelter; Woodbridge, VA
I've used a ton of budget software, most recently Quicken but also, Mint, YNAB, Excel, Pen & Paper, Gazelle Budget, FPU Forms, Yodlee, Mvelopes to name a few. Each of the above have parts they are good at. My families experience so far is Inzolo is best at envelope based budgeting and a great partner to the Dave Ramsey FPU class/principles. We have improved our communication and effectiveness significantly since we started using this software. ... It is a great resource to execute the FPU principles of giving every dollar a name on purpose before the month begins. Dustin has done a great job programing functionality into this product. You can tell he uses the software personally. Dave Smith; Troy, MI
After deciding to switch away from Excel which took hours to fill in each month I spent a very long time trying to find a good envelope based book keeping system. Inzolo was by far the best and most flexible, what previously took hours now takes 5-10mins each month and gives me more tools to analyse my spending patterns and adjust my budgets. On top of that Inzolo is constantly updated, they are always welcoming of suggestions going so far as to implement a feature voting system so they know what is important to the community as a whole. — Chris Hunt; Sheffield UK
Thanks for putting this together. The paper-envelope system really hasn't worked for us, and neither has Quicken/Money/Moneydance except in a retrospective "what did we spend" kind of way. Thanks again, your web app looks like it will be a good fit for us. — Gabriel Caunt; Colorado Springs, Colorado
Thank you, thank you for this wonderful product. We just started, but I can tell this will be a tremendous help for our finances. — Phyllis Caunt; Colorado Springs, Colorado
I wanted to just let you know that I love this program, I think you've done a wonderful job with it. I have used Mvelopes for a long time now, and I'm closing that account to start using this one. — Mike Beeler
I LOVE Inzolo and don't know what I'd do without it! I've referred you many times and all I have gotten is great feedback about their experiences with Inzolo. Thanks for coming up with it! We all greatly appreciate it. — Melinda Mackie; Broomfield, Colorado