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Features Included with all Plans

  • Envelope Budgeting

    Envelope Budgeting Method

    You can create and unlimited number of envelopes to help you budget your money. You can assign icons to each envelope to help you visually keep track of them. The Envelope Method is a time-tested, proven method to help you maintain control of your money.

  • Allocation Plans

    Income Allocation Plans

    You can set up allocation plans based on different paychecks you get. Get paid monthly, twice a month, bi-weekly, commission... no problem! Inzolo is as flexible as you need it to be.

  • Transaction Imports

    Easy Transaction Imports

    If you bank supports OFX Direct connect, you can import your transanctions with the click of a button. If not, it is still easy. Simply download a Quicken or MS Money (OFX) transaction file and upload it to Inzolo.

  • Reports

    Helpful Reports

    Print out a budget committee meeting report to go over you budget amounts with your spouse. View other helpful information such as monthly budget goal amounts. Export reports as CSV files so you can reorganize and manipulate in the spreadsheet application of your choice.