Q. How secure is Inzolo?

Inzolo uses SSL encryption to transmit all data just as banks do. Inzolo is a "read-only" service. You can view and organize your bank data and transactions, but Inzolo cannot actually move funds between or out of any of your bank accounts.

Inzolo uses OFX direct connect to get transaction data from supported banks. Your bank must have an OFX server to use this service. All OFX transmissions are also sent using SSL encryption. Inzolo encrypts passwords/pins before storing them on the database. (If you want more information on the level of encryption please contact us.) Other sites that support banks that do not have an OFX server require you to enter your online banking username and password as well as all your security questions and answers. We don't need that much information. You keep your security questions & answers.

If your bank does not have an OFX server, or if you do not feel comfortable providing this information, no worries, you can still use Inzolo. Inzolo supports uploading transactions files in QIF, QFX and OFX formats which I don't know of a bank that doesn't provide one of these formats.

If you don't want to upload transaction files, you can still use Inzolo and enter each transaction manually.